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Your words and actions influence everyone

We have a proven track record of developing and coaching high-performing leadership teams resulting from many years of working in the non-profit and government sectors. We will help your agency to become a more vibrant organization providing excellent services in a fiscally responsible manner. This will ensure that your organization thrives well into the future.

We provide leadership coaching to leaders and teams aspiring to grow and develop.  

Through the process of individual leadership coaching you will gain new insights into your behaviours, reactions and emotions and how they impact others at work. We believe that with insightful questions you will find that the answers lie within you. You will have “aha moments” and develop new skills to help you to connect with others in an influential way. We all aspire to be the best leaders and reach our professional goals so that we can feel deeply satisfied at work. Leadership coaching will move you towards this aspiration.

Coaching of teams will identify core issues, conflicts and or judgements  that get in the way of optimal performance. Together your team will develop new strategies to move forward in a cohesive manner in order to reach your goals.

Our leadership consulting service helps staff and board members to work in alignment with the vision, mission and values of the organization. We will listen carefully to your needs and work to understand your context.  We will ensure that there is buy-in to our plan so that you will achieve great results. You can count on us to be honest and forthright in our communication with you.  We can also help you to develop an implementation plan with concrete action steps. Your agency will be recognized for its leadership capabilities by your  funders, other organizations and community members. The excitement and energy created through this process will influence and increase the engagement of your staff for many years.
We would be honoured to work with you or your team to help support your organization to move towards excellence.

We will be delighted to hear from you. Contact us!

Ronna Hope Warsh