“When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One
represents danger and the other represents opportunity.”
~ John F. Kennedy, 35th U.S. president

How fitting this quote is today, as we face the leadership challenges created by COVID.
Our current circumstances provide the greatest window for leadership/skill development
that many of us will ever experience.

My newest zoom course offering, “Leading During & After a Crisis”, has been designed
to help leaders see sparks of hope amid the challenges.

Course objectives include helping leaders to:
• Become more aware of stressors and signs of burnout and trauma
• Commit to new ways of reducing stress levels
• Celebrate successes in adapting during unprecedented times
• Use new techniques required to lead others in times of crisis
• Develop a larger leadership network and support system
• Plan for future challenges as a leader in the crisis and beyond

The session includes a relaxed presentation format, sprinkled with real leadership
experience examples, interactive breakout sessions and much feedback from the
participants. The fee for planning (including meetings with key informants) and the half day
session is $1,200.00 plus HST.

I delivered this course to leaders at the City of Windsor and received rave reviews. I would
be thrilled to talk to you about how this workshop could support your leadership.


Ronna is certified in several Human Synergistics Canada™ tools:
• Leadership Assessments
Learn about your leadership style and receive practical advice to help you reach your leadership potential.
• Leadership WorkStyles™ Self-rated Assessment fee: $500 + HST
• Leadership WorkStyles™ 360 Assessment (self + up to 5 raters): $800 + HST

Organizational Culture Inventory™
Ensure your culture is linked to high performance. The tool is completed by groups of employees, followed by a report to the management group. The fee includes an interactive follow-up workshop with senior leaders to review results and develop and action plan to improve the organizational culture.
Fee: $3,000 + HST


We all aspire to be the best leaders and reach our professional goals so that we can feel deeply satisfied AT WORK. Leadership coaching will move you forward and help you awaken your passion, purpose and potential. It is recommended that a leadership assessment is completed before coaching takes place, but it is not a requirement. The 12-hour Coaching Program can be completed in person, or using technology.
• 12-Hour Coaching Program: $1,500 + HST
• Leadership Assessment + 12-hour Coaching Program: $2,000 + HST
• Coaching Report (if requested by employer): $100 + HST


Gain confidence, improve your presence and practice your interview skills with a series of tailored behaviour-based questions.
• Purchase a block of hours: $100/hour + HST


Is there a project you know you want to undertake to move your agency forward, but you do not have the time or resources to get it done? Do you need some expert advice about how to effectively position your agency during changing times?
• Purchase a block of hours: $125/hour + HST


This is a time of rapid change in not-for-profit and public sector agencies. We undertake mid-size consulting projects that result in recommendations which are practical and easy to implement.
Ronna will undertake this work herself or partner with other experienced consultants to ensure that the work is done on time and on budget. We have a track record of proving high quality consulting reports .



Topics can include:
“Connecting the Dots” – Honing your Political Acuity Skills
Building your political acuity will help you and your team to influence decisions, achieve organizational objectives and understand the changing political landscape.
More info:

Sink or Swim: Leading in Uncertain Times
Are your leadership skills being challenged by the constant pressure to respond to rapid shifts in our ever-changing work environments?
More info:

Workshop Fee: $3,000 + HST (includes pre-planning and collaboration with your staff to customize the workshop for your organization)
Travel, Meal and Accommodations costs will be in addition to the workshop fee.


We can provide supports to staff who are leaving your organization and need help transitioning toward a new role/career.
12-Hour Coaching Program: $1,500 + HST