Leadership Coaching

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Leaders in the workplace can be found everywhere. Leaders in the workplace can be found everywhere. They can be front line staff, supervisors and managers or the CEO. Every employee wants to be their very best self in their workplace and coaching will help you to succeed.

Coaching is a confidential partnership between the employee and the leadership coach. The most effective coaching program is 12 hours in length. The leader agrees with the Coach on the frequency and length of each session depending on their schedule and learning style. For specific targeted leadership development such as preparing for an interview there can the Coach and the employee can agree to fewer hours as required.

A self-assessment leadership tool can be used which uncovers the leadership talents that you bring to others and areas for further development. This is a tool which you complete on line forms the basis for the assessment. This assessment pinpoints leadership strengths and areas for future development. It can be used as a springboard for the coaching goals.

Through the coaching relationship you will discover what may be holding you back from being your very best. After this discovery, we develop new strategies to help you discover your strengths and abilities in order to become a more confident and effective leader. In each session you will decide on your own homework to help you practice your new skills, which will move you forward to become a more influential leader.

Sometimes employees pay for this service as a career development tool for themselves.

Employers are also investing in coaching for their staff as a long- lasting investment in the leadership potential of the staff member.

A free 45-minute consultation is available to determine if there is a good fit for you in the coaching relationship.[/expand]

Interview Preparation

[expand title=”Read more…” swaptitle=”Close”]Getting your foot in the door for an interview takes a great resume, belief in yourself, and the confidence to reach out and network with others who can help you to get the job.

Interviews are an intimidating experience. The coach can help you with this important life changing process of knowing what job you want, working through the steps to ensure you stand apart from other applicants and have the best chance of getting that dream job.

Interview preparation coaching is usually 4 hours in length and can be scheduled to suit your needs.

The price for this package is $400.00[/expand]

Leadership Workshops and Tele-Seminars

[expand title=”Read more…” swaptitle=”Close”]One day workshops are available on topics such as “Leading – Seeing all of the Possibilities” and “Developing your Political Acuity’. Customized leadership workshops tailored to specific groups of learners and workplaces are also available. Leadership tele- seminars can also be delivered to large groups of people so that they can participate from their home or workplace.[/expand]




Strategic Planning

[expand title=”Read more…” swaptitle=”Close”]The Board of Directors along with senior leaders set the direction for non-profit agencies. These volunteer Board members bring with them differing types of expertise and knowledge. We will honour this knowledge and work with you to develop a strategic plan to ensure that everyone agrees to the vision, mission and values for your organization. The strategic plan that flows from the Vision, Mission and Values exercise will include key accomplishments to move the organization forward towards excellence. This roadmap will help the Board to assess the progress of the organization.[/expand]

Community Based Planning Processes

[expand title=”Read more…” swaptitle=”Close”]Many government initiatives are requiring collaborative community planning processes. These processes usually include a significant change agenda. Our facilitation style in one that cultivates trust and openness which can be difficult in change processes. We are also goal oriented so that the outcome of the planning exercise is clear to everyone and will be achieved within the agreed upon timelines.

With a spirit of trust and creativity effective alliances and partnerships can emerge. Often service to people is enhanced. We would be delighted to act as a facilitator in this process of community engagement and leadership.[/expand]

Organizational Change

[expand title=”Read more…” swaptitle=”Close”]Public sector organizations need to change to respond to changing demographics, customer expectations and direction of their funding bodies. We listen intently to the needs that your organization outlines for the change and work with you to design a change process that will achieve input and buy in of all affected parties. We can also assist in the implementation process as required. Our response will be tailored to your organization’s culture and desired results.[/expand]

The fees for consultation are listed in the PDF below.