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Getting ‘push back’ from the team

A senior director had been getting some “push back “ to his new ideas from his team.

Before the meeting with them he said to me, “Ok now I have to go into a tough meeting with my managers.”

I replied, “If you believe it will be tough I can assure you it will be that exactly.” So I asked him to think about how else he could describe this meeting?

“Ok,” he said, I am going into a collaborative meeting with my managers to see if we can find solutions to difficult challenges.”

After the meeting he called and was very excited. He said, “that shift I made in attitude before the meeting really helped. The idea exchange blew me away and boy did we ever come up with some amazing ideas! I can’t believe how your coaching has helped me to find the answer within.”

As a leader your energy and attitudes impact those around you in very powerful ways. Before a meeting stop and check your assumptions and beliefs. Expect the best and you will get the best. Look at your part in the dynamics. Drop the blame and limiting beliefs. Stay open and see what happens to the group. Try it just once and see what happens. Leaders with positive energy are contagious and their teams excel. Give it a try and let me know what happens!