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Influence and Intuition

influence-intuitionOne of my coaching clients has recently been promoted to a management job from her role as an executive assistant. Sundays are tough for her, constantly worrying about the next week. She worries whether her staff will do their jobs well enough to prevent an embarrassing mistake from happening. She is a perfectionist, and wants others to do their jobs like she did when she had their role.

What is she is supposed to “do” in this new role?  She feels a bit lost.

I explain to her that her new role involves the use of two “learned” skills.

The first skill is exerting her influence over others to do the “right thing”. She models thoughtful professional behavior and has very high standards. She can gently encourage her staff to follow in her footsteps.

The second skill involves trusting her well-honed “intuition” when making decisions and dealing with her team.

These skills come naturally to her, given her wealth of experience. Over the years she has weathered several changes, and has learned what works and what does not work in difficult and complex situations.

Mentoring others who are looking to develop and grow in their roles, involves sharing her wisdom, “lessons learned” and sage advice. It seems so hard to make this transition from the doer to the knower but it is really simple.

Having influence and trusting your intuition are important parts of this manager’s role. Provide mentorship when others need it, and then get out of their way! Watch as they grow and develop, benefitting from your support and encouragement.

Now her Sunday nights are much easier, as she relaxes into this new territory.