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“Me too” Movement

Last year, we saw an explosion on the workplace harassment front. The “Me too” movement empowered both men and women who had been exploited, to uncover their secrets. Famous and not so famous people are bearing substantial consequences for their actions. Both men and women are speaking out and sharing their stories.

Some people are minimizing the actions of the offender as just normal interaction between genders; while others are supporting the swift action taken to remove offenders from their powerful roles. While it is high time that these people are being held accountable for their exploitive actions, it also invites us to explore the deeper roots of these behaviours.

I am a coach. I am always looking forward with “hope” for a better world. But how can we possibly get there?

I am convinced that, at the very core of harassing behavior, is some type of fear; that some inner deficit drives such an act. Could it be fear of rejection or loss of youth and vitality? How does society glamorize youth and desirability? Have the offenders failed to love themselves enough to cherish their own integrity?  What past hurt are they trying to cover up by abusing their power?  Are they afraid to share these vulnerabilities with their loved ones? And, if such deficits are indeed at the root, are women ready to support men when they are hurting?  Are men ready to support vulnerable women? Can we learn to witness such human vulnerabilities with compassion, and meet them with whole- hearted support, love and understanding? This requires a whole paradigm shift.

I want to create a space to explore these questions and own our part of this dynamic. We might find our way forward. We all want these incidents to STOP. Openness and dialogue can lead us towards healing and more equitable relationships in the future.

Are you ready to join in this discussion? I am planning on hosting a workshop or tele-seminar in the Spring 2018 to begin the dialogue.

If you want to join others in this dialogue message me and please state your preference for a tele-seminar or workshop format.