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Thoughts during interview?

What are my thoughts while in an interview?

Finally, you landed the interview! You come into the room and find an interview panel of four people. You have prepared for this interview. You sit down and feel your heart racing and you notice that your palms are sweating. This is a normal reaction to the competition and judgment process we all feel in an interview.

So now it begins. The lead interviewer asks you to review your resume and relevant experience. You ace that part.

Now they move into long behaviour based questions. This is much more difficult for you.

The question is:
“When was a time you dealt with conflict in the workplace?”
Describe the situation, what skills you used to deal with the conflict and the resolution. Were you satisfied with how you responded under stress?

Your immediate thought is:
“That is a trick question. Maybe they think I am a troublemaker? It has so many parts. What if I miss one?”

So you do know from my coaching that you can choose your thought.

Ok, new thought:
“Well that is an good question – We all need to deal with the different opinions in the workplace which sometimes lead to conflict. They must encourage different ideas to be expressed here. Okay – It’s a long question.
I will ask them to repeat it and make a few notes to ensure I answer all of the parts.”

It is so important to give yourself positive affirmation in this tense situation of an interview. We all default to negative energy under stress but choosing positive thoughts allows you to remain as grounded and clear headed as possible.

This simple interview technique is part of my 4 hour interview-coaching package.
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