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Male Champions

Male Champions in the Workplace

My recent work has confirmed that women still struggle to get recognized and find the kind of support that they need in some workplaces. Our focus groups and surveys confirmed that while women have progressed, some women continue to struggle to get the recognition that they deserve.

So what can Male Champions do to support hard-working women?

  • Send out an email to all parents including moms and dads, or ask in a meeting how their kids did in their first day of school. Show your interest in family matters.
  • Notice who is being asked for their opinions in a meeting. If you feel women are being overlooked, ask them yourself what they think and bring them into the discussion. Be a role model for others.
  • Do not tolerate sexist statements or attitudes. If you hear derogatory comments from your male colleagues speak up and correct them. Be bold!
  • Ensure women who desire a new challenge get the training they need. This may include roles which have traditionally been held by males. Perhaps a stretch assignment could help them learn and develop or test the waters in a new field. Think outside the box.
  • If your employees need to address family matters, trust that they will be responsible and will make up the time and give back more than they took in the few hours they needed for that doctor’s appointment. Promote work- life balance.

These easy actions will make your workplace a healthier and happier place for everyone, including yourself!