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My Spring Stretch

rcharron-stretchThis spring, much of my coaching and consulting work has focused on helping women to stretch in their careers.

I just listened to the commencement speech that Sheryl Sandberg gave at Berkley.
In the face of the loss of her dear husband, she is able to stretch.  This is incredibly brave and very inspiring.

This causes me to pause and think about where I have been “stretching.”

I am working with some coaching clients who are challenging me to be the very best at holding the space for them as they struggle with job loss. I am helping them move from a victim mentality and “feeling stuck”, towards gratitude and exploring now possibilities.  They are working so hard, and I am delighted to support them to find their “fit”.

I am a “fixer”, and I am stretching to remember that not everything needs to be fixed by me.  Some choices fit for others, but bewilder me. I am working to accept their choices, without judgment. Everyone follows his or her own path and they do what feels right to them.  Letting go and lending a listening ear (if they ask for one) with an open heart is what works best. Boy, is this ever hard for a fixer! This is my “stretch assignment” and I am taking it seriously.

I invite you to be introspective.
Where are you stretching?
What are you learning?